Trendy Bedroom Furniture

 Your bedroom is a place of relaxation where you go to rest and unwind after a hard day’s work, so it should be a place of calm and tranquillity. As we spend around eight hours a day sleeping, the bed and its surrounding furniture is among the most important purchases to make in your home.

As the bed forms the centre-piece of your bedroom, it is vital you choose one you love. Puji has a wide collection of beautiful, stylish solid wood beds to suit any taste or home style. Our attractive range of bedroom furniture includes oriental beds, canopy beds (otherwise known as four poster beds), day beds, sleigh beds and platform beds.

Solid wood beds are not only stunning in their own right but they are also highly robust. Our solid wood beds are superbly crafted and beautifully finished to create the perfect focal point in the bedroom. Puji’s selection of solid wood beds include beds made from reclaimed hard woods which have a natural beauty in the grain and are created using traditional mortise and tenon joints. As each piece is built to last, your Puji bed will be an object of admiration for many years to come.

Trendy bedroom furniture can be defined as bedroom furniture which is in the current style. Puji has a wide selection of trendy bedroom furniture including beds for oriental themed rooms, which is a popular, up-to-date look. Our superb collection of black lacquered beds also come with other matching pieces, which is ideal if you want to create a harmonious bedroom retreat with a Zen feel. Our oriental beds are a bedroom classic: made from solid hardwoods, they are attractive, stylish and extremely study so they withstand the test of time. Puji’s oriental beds have been lacquered seven times to create a smooth and luxurious look with a touch of the exotic.

In addition to your bed, you will also need to think about further bedroom furniture for storage. A wardrobe should be attractive as well as functional. Puji wardrobes are stylish and elegant with simple, clean lines, which is perfect for the modern bedroom. Chic and practical, they are also very robust, so they are built to last. Puji sells a wide range of wardrobes from oriental lacquered wardrobes and cabinets to wardrobes with drawers for that handy extra storage as well as full hanging wardrobes and gents wardrobes.

Our stylish selection of contemporary furniture will give a “wow factor” to any bedroom and evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation to aid a good night’s rest.

We have a wonderful selection of chest of drawers in a variety of styles including oriental, rustic, chunky and contemporary. Our chest of drawers are made from hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, oak. Walnut and mango. Solid wooden chests are an attractive, yet vital addition to your bedroom to provide that essential storage. Current trends include concealed handles for a sleek and minimal look, together with no overhangs and flush fronts.

Bedside tables are perfect for resting reading material, as well as glasses, alarm clocks and table lamps on – so you don’t have to get out of bed to switch off the light! Puji has a wide selection of bedside tables in a host of styles including more traditional bedside tables containing drawers or cupboards for that handy extra storage, to open style side tables for a more modern look. For a harmonious, symmetrical look to your bedroom, add a bedside unit to both sides of the bed with a matching bedside lamp.

A beautiful bedroom chair is a great addition to your sleeping space if you have the room. Dress this piece with soft cushions in luxurious fabrics to create another attractive focal point in your room. Soft fabrics, cushions and throws provide a warm and sensual feel to your bedroom and add that perfect finishing touch.

When you have chosen your bedroom furniture, it is time to further your creative skills with the use of gorgeous accessories. Throws, bedding, scatter cushions in luxurious fabrics as well as rugs and pictures will make your sleeping space cosy and inviting. For that ideal finishing touch, beautiful cushions will give your bedroom a warm and luxurious feel and add to the feeling of calm and tranquillity which is vital for this room of rest and relaxation. Experiment with colour and add plenty of textures such as rich velvets, embroidered or embellished cushions and faux suede for that extra sense of indulgence.

To give your bedroom a crisp and fresh feel, invest in some luxurious bedding. By adding colour and introducing different textures to your sleeping space you can create a cosy and sensual feel to your bedroom. The higher the thread count, the better the quality of your bed linen. There is nothing more idyllic than slipping into soft and sumptuous sheets at the end of a long and busy day. Good quality bed linen will make your room bedroom warm and inviting for that perfect haven.

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