Trendy Living Room Furniture

 Designed and made recently, trendy furniture can be described as furniture ‘in vogue’ at this moment in time. Just as fashions change constantly, new trends in furniture are always emerging.

Puji specialise in trendy, up-to-date solid wood furniture, so you can create a chic and stylish look to every room of your home from the living room through to the dining room, breakfast room, bedroom and home office. We also have a wonderful range of contemporary accessories to add that perfect finishing touch.

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The living room, front room, or sitting room as it is also known, is often the room we use the most to entertain guests and family. As it is almost always the first room guests see, this is the room which most represents your home, so it should be stylish and welcoming. It is also one of the rooms we spend a great deal of our time in, so furniture should not only be attractive to look at, but robust, practical and of good quality so it can withstand knocks and everyday wear and tear.

Solid wood furniture has always maintained its appeal and adds warmth and luxury to your living space. Here at Puji we have a variety of trendy solid wood furniture designs, so you can always keep up-to-date with the current style.

As the coffee table is often the focal point of the living room, it should be one of the first pieces to think about when furnishing the front room. For a sleek and clean look, choose a coffee table in a stylish and contemporary design with no traditional overhangs. The current trend is for coffee tables to have simple and elegant designs and for coffee table heights to be very low to suit current sofa heights. For a definitive style statement, a coffee table with feature legs is sure to make an impact.

For an added wow factor, keep clutter to a minimum. The current trend is to keep clutter out of sight in drawers or cupboards and have a few select pieces of furniture you love in order to maximize the use of space. A room which is clutter free adds a clean feel to your home and helps create a space of harmony and relaxation. A few well placed furniture pieces and accessories makes the room feel larger and creates focal points so your trendy furniture pieces can be seen and admired.

As no living room is complete without an audio visual unit, Puji offers a range of contemporary designs to suit anything from home cinema set-ups to smaller, more modest television sets. All of our trendy audio visual sets are built of solid wood and feature traditional joints and bracing for strength. These stylish and practical furniture pieces are designed to support even the largest plasma screens safely and securely. We have a range of stunning contemporary designs in a superb selection of styles, colours and sizes to suit most requirements and home styles.

After you have selected your coffee table and entertainment unit, it is worthwhile thinking about additional storage, such as sideboards, bookcases or side tables. The cubic display bookcase has a striking trendy design with a range of different sized display sections to showcase your books and favourite ornaments.

Sideboards once seen as traditional, now come in a range of stunning, up-to-date designs. Fussy handles, overhangs and door panelling are a thing of the past. Instead trendy sideboards with groove handles and flush fronted drawers are what to look out for. Sideboards offer an attractive storage solution. Puji have a selection of sideboards with cupboards, or a combination of drawers and cupboards, which are perfect for those less appealing items which can be neatly hidden from view.

Once you have chosen your trendy living room furniture, it is worthwhile investing in coordinating accessories to really enhance your home and create a cosy and welcoming feel. Accessories add the perfect finishing touch and are an ideal way to show off your creativity.

At Puji we use natural materials which add a touch of the exotic and a sense of style and sophistication to your home. Our selection of contemporary home accessories not only enhance our existing furniture range but are visually appealing in their own right. Puji’s accessory range currently features Buddha statues, bamboo candles, paper lamps, eye-catching throws and faux silk cushions to add a sense of luxury to any home.

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