Update Your Bedroom – 20 Top Tips

Your bedroom is your most private retreat so whether you want to spice it up or add soothing elements to please the senses, updating a dreary bedroom can be done with the introduction of clean lines, contemporary style, and luxurious fabrics.

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Keeping your bedroom up to date each season or just giving it that much need make over can be easily achieved by following our simple, chic bedroom decorating tips. Read on to hear our best ideas for transforming your bedroom whatever your budget.

* One firm favourite in bedroom design is to use lots of white to bounce natural light and sunshine around the room. This will help to create a calming, relaxing environment that feels good to spend time in,

* If you want to add an accent wall of colour, then do this on the one your bed rests against. Accents can be added with paint or dramatic textured wallpaper and will create a strong focal point. Decorating just one wall in a more vibrant design can be a quick way to refresh a room, saving time and money.

* Add flower patterns to your bedroom to infuse it with life and colour. Cheery floral bedding and throws will bring your bedroom into bloom and help soften the lines of your furniture. A large wicker basket for linen will also introduce some texture and storage.

* Dramatic monochrome is still an eye catching and key trend. Bold black and white bedding will add instant drama to your space.

* For an eastern inspired bedroom wallpaper one feature wall with a striking, shimmering design and give the room an eastern feel with dark, masculine furniture.

* Crisp cotton sheets bring cool texture to any bed. Go for peaceful white, accessorised with a colourful throw or bring the sun inside with shades of lemon yellow and spring green.

* Chic and elegant, many of today’s top designers are switching from standard cotton sheets to organic blends. You can find organic cotton fiber, bamboo, and other crisp linens in clean and classic designs. These lightweight materials are perfect for the summer season, and are eco-friendly too!

* Not everything has to match. Select different pieces for your duvet cover and shams to instantly create a new look. Layering with throws and cushions is a great way to add texture to the bedroom.

* Replacing wall to wall carpet or flooring can be expensive so why not add a beautiful textured rug at the base of the bed to add glamour to your bedroom.

* In a large bedroom a chair or small love seat can minimise the empty space and give the room dimension whilst providing a cosy place to sit and relax.

* The small decorative touches really spice up a drab room and demonstrate your sense of style. Dress up surfaces with decorative accessories such as luxury filled candles, perfume bottles and vanity sets.

* Incorporate a sleek wall mounted shelf to add storage above the bed and add a stylish blanket box at the end to keep blankets and clutter out of sight.

* Drape a beautiful throw at the end of your bed to dress bedding and add colour and sensuality.

* Stack pillows and cushions hotel-style for a luxurious feel, and choose shimmery, opulent textiles. Keep the colours scheme muted and neutral if your trying to create a relaxing space.

* Accessorise your bedroom with beautiful rich golden tones for a posh elegant look that doesn’t have too break the bank.

* Decorating with different shades of grey combined with minimal solid wood furniture can give a room a simple, modern look.

* Add a stunning mirror to your room to reflect light.

* Contemporary lighting can really help to update a bedroom and create an entirely new look without costing you a lot of money. Why not brighten up your bed side tables with 2 eye catching table lamps.

* Don’t limit fresh plants and flowers to the other parts of the house. Fresh flowers in the bedroom can add a romantic touch, and also inject new energy into the air.

* For all out sophistication use a shimmering graphic wallpaper, silver grey fabrics and combine these with dark wood furniture. Ditch plain bed linen and go for something embellished.

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