White Laundry Baskets

If you are looking for laundry baskets that blend well with any décor, white laundry baskets could be the answer. White laundry baskets are elegant as well as functional and look great in the bathroom or bedroom. They have a clean and fresh look which adds style to your interior.

Puji sell a stunning selection of white laundry baskets for the contemporary bathroom. Our baskets are made from rattan, so they are very hard wearing and each comes with a cotton lining to prevent snagging. Puji laundry baskets are attractively designed with a handy lid to keep dirty washing out of sight.

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What are laundry baskets and why are laundry baskets important?

Laundry baskets are not only a washing essential, but they are a great way to keep the home clutter free. Designed to store your dirty washing before you take it to the machine, they come in a range of sizes. Puji white laundry baskets have timeless appeal and as they are made of rattan, they are sturdy and long lasting as well as practical.

There are several different types of laundry baskets on the market today so take your time to decide which one works best for you. Portable wicker baskets or the plastic rectangular ones are great for taking washing out of the machine. It is not uncommon for the wicker ones to be lined with a blanket or pillow and used as a bed for a dog or cat! Laundry hampers or chests look great in the utility room. You can store your washed, ironed and folded clothes in the chest before putting them away. Fabric laundry baskets are another alternative and most are washable too.

Laundry baskets are usually stored in the bathroom, bedroom, landing or utility room. Positioning laundry baskets on the landing makes them visible. This benefits from encouraging all the family members to use them, rather than leaving their dirty washing lying around on the floor. Another area for easy access is the bathroom, which is convenient for the whole family. The bedroom is a good alternative if you don’t have enough space in the bathroom. All you have to do is to pop your dirty washing into the laundry basket before bed. However, a basket in the bedroom is generally preferable for couples, rather than families, otherwise the children have to keep running into the bedroom to use it, which discourages use.

Keeping laundry baskets in the utility room next to the washing machine is another idea. It keeps laundry out of sight and you don’t have to cart armfuls of dirty washing about the house to get to the machine. However, out of sight can sometimes mean out of mind, and if the baskets are not visible, it may be harder to encourage the younger members of the household to use them!

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Why have three laundry baskets?

Laundry baskets are an essential organiser. When it comes to household tasks, washing is a dreaded chore when clothes are strewn about the house. Especially in the messy teenage rooms where you can’t work out which clothes are clean and which are not. Having three different sized baskets encourages all family members to separate their washing before it goes into the machine. Puji’s white laundry baskets come in three sizes – small, medium and large. They are perfect for dividing washing into lights, darks and colours. It makes washing easier even in the largest of households.

White Laundry Baskets – click here to start shopping!

What other storage is useful in the contemporary bathroom?

Bathrooms can easily get cluttered with unlimited numbers of bottles, lotions, gels, make-up, soaps, hair and skin products. So what better way to keep your bathroom tidy and organised, than with Puji’s bathroom storage solutions.

Puji has a wonderful range of storage options for contemporary bathrooms. They include lockers and shelving made of teak. As teak is often used for boat building and garden furniture, it is perfect material for use in steamy bathrooms.

Our attractive teak slatted shelving tower is great for bath towels and toiletries. Alternatively keep products and medicines hidden from view in our stunning slatted frontage storage locker. This has two cupboards with internal shelves and two drawers on metal runners, so it is ideal all your bathroom needs. Tall and slim, the locker it is great for bathrooms which often have limited space.

Soft towels are cosy and comforting. Puji sell beautiful fluffy organic cotton towels in white and expresso, which can be stored in our teak shelving tower. Complete the look with one of our stunning mirrors made of natural materials such as limestone, cocostick, bamboo, coconut shells and reclaimed teak. We also have beautiful mosaic mirrors for that personal touch.

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