Why Chinese Furniture is a Great Choice for the Home

Chinese Furniture- The perfect choice for your home

Chinese furniture and Asian inspired interiors have been a popular choice among interior designers for many years.  This look only gets more fashionable and is so timeless you won’t find yourself becoming bored of your home. One of the many benefits is that high quality Chinese furniture can easily be updated by just introducing decorative accessories and contemporary pieces to give these Oriental furnishings a new lease of life.

Chinese furniture is usually lacquered in black and the overall finish will be smooth and glossy; however, recent trends have seen a demand for white oriental furniture.  These white lacquered ranges are an ideal choice for those with smaller living spaces who desire a Chinese interior but want to keep the space appearing as large as possible.

Chinese Furniture- The perfect choice for your homeBoth black and white lacquered Chinese furniture can easily be accessorised to maintain balance and keep energy flowing in your Oriental interior; but remember that less is more!  If you have a console table in the hallway, add a mirror above it to reflect the light and then a simple Buddha or decorative vase placed on the surface of the wooden table should be enough.


Chinese Furniture- The perfect choice for your homeIn the living room, try to keep this space as open as possible as this is a room where you will gather as a family and it’s important to maintain a free flowing space.  A Chinese coffee table will create a gorgeous focal point, so consider looking for one with hints of the Orient, such as round ball legs or delicate carvings.  A lamp table and TV unit should be the only other furniture pieces you need to complete this room.  Add accessories such as bamboo vases, mother of pearl photo frames and, for a relaxing finish, introduce soft lighting for the evenings. Remember that the colours that work best with Chinese furniture are red, gold, burnt orange and tones of blue.

Chinese Furniture- The perfect choice for your homeIn the bedroom, Chinese furniture really makes an impact and creates a beautiful soothing haven.  Make sure you remember symmetry in the bedroom by having matching bedside tables and lamps.  Your surfaces should be clutter free and your decorative accessories should be minimal.  In the bedroom, accessorise by introducing contemporary soft furnishings and layer soft throws and cushions on your bed.

At Puji our Oriental Shanxi collection is now available in both black and white.  Each piece has been lacquered at least 7 times to create a durable and hardwearing surface.  This range has furniture pieces for every room in the home and has some amazing feature pieces for those who want to create focal points.

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