Why Choose Teak Furniture Over Oak, Pine and Other Woods

Teak Furniture | Solid Wood Furniture

Once widely used in boat building for its durability and straight grain, Teak has become popular more recently, as a material used in the production of both interior and exterior furniture pieces. This popularity is due in no small part to the natural oils it produces which protect it from the effects of weathering and the ravages of wood rot.

Expose most untreated woods to moisture and the devastating effects of wood rotting fungi can be seen quite quickly. As the moisture content rises in the wood, the fungi multiply and spread, undermining its structure and integrity.

Not so with Teak.

Other woods like Oak and Pine must be treated, regularly if they are to survive outside. This treatment process may well be time consuming and expensive and may result in a different finish to that which was originally intended. Teak does not require such finishes; it is perfectly at home outside in its untreated, natural state.

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Another advantage of Teak is that it does not scratch or dent easily. If you were to dent a Teak furniture piece, quite apart from ruining it, you would simply add to its character. The longevity of Teak furniture means that it can be passed down through the generations, picking up scratches and dents as it goes and still look as good as it did originally.

Contrast this with Pine, for example, a wide grained soft wood, very prone to splitting and totally incapable of surviving outside without costly and time consuming treatments. Oak, on the other hand, is close grained making it better able to cope but still prone to wood rot since it has large, open capillaries, which the fungi love.

Another popular wood among furniture makers is Mahogany but this has been placed on the endangered species list, as it is now a very rare commodity. Indeed the making of anything from new mahogany is not recommended and frowned upon.

Puji furniture pieces are manufactured from reclaimed Teak from Indonesia, which has already undergone many years of weathering, as a result, it far less likely to be affected by the vagaries of the UK climate.

Teak was used extensively during colonial times in Indonesia for house building and furniture making due to its durability, longevity and resistance to attack from termites. As the modernization of Indonesia continues, these old colonial buildings are being replaced with more modern structures. We recycle the quality timbers and fashion them into beautiful furniture pieces for your home.

The Danes of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s favoured Teakwood in the manufacture of their furniture pieces and items created in this style, are now highly regarded and treasured as vintage pieces. Proof, if proof were needed, that an investment in Teak is an investment in the future.

Teak Furniture | Solid Wood FurnitureTake our Mino  Dining Table for example, it will survive the years and can be handed down through generations, despite or even because of the fact that the wear and tear it “suffers” is proudly displayed for all to see.


If yours is a social household with many parties and gatherings you will need furniture that can stand a little abuse. The robust qualities of Teak make our furniture items an ideal choice.

We have concentrated on the living areas of your home up to now but of course with its durable, almost water resistant qualities, Teak makes ideal bathroom furniture too. Showering or bathing releases water vapour, which increases the moisture content of the air. Other untreated woods will not last in this environment.

Our beautiful laundry baskets are also a beautiful addition.  Hand crafted from rattan they are not only practical but make a nice addition.

The bedroom is another key area of the home that is well catered for in Teak.  Teak beds are very strong and supportive . When matched with bedside tables and chests they create a wonderfully sumptuous setting.

One of the most likely places for furniture to be knocked and scratched is the entrance hall. Entering or leaving the house in hurry or the children, with their heavy school bags, will inevitably leave marks of any reception hall furnishings. Why not install items of furniture that will cope with this contact.

Teak Furniture | Solid Wood FurnitureTeak makes fabulous office furniture too. A Teak desk will be a robust, high quality piece that will serve you well during your working day. Desks of a lesser material that are weighed down with files and computer hardware will sag and buckle in time. Your Teak desk will cope under the pressure.

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