Wooden Bedroom Furniture – Give Your Bedroom a New Year Makeover For Better Sleep and More Romance!

Wooden bedroom furniture has a warm and soothing quality which is a perfect choice for a space dedicated to relaxation. As it where we start and end each day, so it should be revitalising and relaxing, as well as sensuous to promote love and relationships. We spend a lot of time in this space, so it is important to surround ourselves with beautiful things such as high quality wooden bedroom furniture made in elegant styles.

Puji sell a wonderful range of wooden bedroom furniture in contemporary modern designs made from solid teak, oak and mahogany. Our wooden bedroom furniture selection features beautiful solid wood beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers and bedside tables in a range of finishes, including dark wood, light wood and black and white lacquer. Solid wood bedroom furniture is great for creating a tranquil backdrop for a full night’s rest. Here we shall look at why wooden bedroom furniture is the ideal choice for the home.

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Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture – For Better Sleep

Your choice of bedroom furniture and décor can make a real difference to whether or not you have a good slumber. Selecting the right furniture is vital because a disturbed night can affect your mood and concentration the following day. Not only this, if you experience discomfort during the night it can lead to aches and pains which could so easily have been prevented by selecting the right bed and mattress.

A comfortable night’s rest will mean you wake up feeling refreshed, alert and have a far more productive day. A sound sleep also lifts your mood, which is not only great for you but also for those around you. The happier you feel, the more it will help improve your relationships, so it is a winner all round! Here are some tips on how wooden bedroom furniture  can promote a better night’s sleep.

It Feels Secure
As your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary, it should make you feel cosy and safe. This is why wooden bedroom furniture is such a good option, because is so solid and stable, which is comforting and helps aid sleep. Team a wooden bed with a good quality mattress for the best results. Puji sells a wide range of mattresses to accompany our wooden bedroom furniture including open coil, pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses.

Solid Headboard
The bedroom is all about the bed and one with a good strong headboard feels secure and calming. This is why Puji’s teak wooden beds are such a good choice because the designs are solid and supportive. Our beds look and feel gorgeous as they are made from high quality teak from Indonesia. They are available in a variety of finishes including a dark, mid or light colour to suit all types of bedrooms.

Colours Lift the Spirit
A calm bedroom with beautiful décor and good quality furniture creates an environment of tranquillity and helps you gently drift off to sleep. If you select calming colours for room décor, this is said to aid a full night’s rest. Colours such as greens, violet, pinks and blues promote relaxation, whereas oranges and yellows are more energising. Choose wall colours, bed throws, bed spreads, rugs or cushions in peaceful colours to help you unwind before bed, so you wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Keep Clutter at Bay
Another way to help improve sleep is to have a minimalist bedroom without clutter. Tidy clothes, shoes, belts and underwear in drawers or cupboards and have only the essentials or beautiful objects on display. Clear the space under your bed too, so it creates a restful environment. Keep TV’s and computers out of the bedroom as they can be distracting and prevent your mind from switching off.

Match a solid teak bed with stunning wooden bedroom furniture to give you the storage you need. For example, try combining the superb handcrafted Henry Natural Arc Bed, which is made from one hundred per cent teak with any of our light wood furniture such as the charming Henry Natural Gents Wardrobe and the attractive and chunky Henry Natural Side Table. A bedroom with adequate storage is important to create a stress-free haven where you can wind down after a busy day. Enough storage space also helps with organisation, so you can find things quickly and easily.

Soft and Inviting
To keep the look warm and inviting, have lots of soft furnishings. Invest in linens with a high thread count for a cosy bed you can sink into at the end of a long day. Puji sell a stunning range of bed throws and cushions such as the quilted duck egg cushion and the quilted duck egg throw. These will help to create a feel to your bedroom,  which is tranquil and peaceful.

Solid Wood Furniture – For More Romance
Just as your choice of furniture and décor can create a relaxing ambiance, it can also promote romance. It is important to create a room which is comfortable and relaxing to encourage love and relationships. For example, a room containing beautiful objects and furniture for storage will help you relax so you can focus on your partner, rather than a messy or untidy room, which just makes you just think about chores!

If you make the bedroom a relaxing tranquil haven with soft furnishings, well placed mood lighting and scented candles to inspire the senses, it will be a place you want to spend time in. Think about table lighting, such as the stunning unique Bamboo Table Lamp Natural which you can place on a side table on either side of the bed. In Feng Shui, two bedside tables and two lamps helps create a sense of equality in relationships. Set off gentle lighting with candles in holders made from natural materials such as the Bamboo Round Candle. Choosing nice accessories will provide the finishing touches to your wooden bedroom furniture.

Certain colour schemes can boost passion and romance, such as orange, pinks and bright red. If you want to create a bedroom dedicated to love and relationships consider Puji’s squares throw in rose which can be teamed with the Swarovski cushion rapture rose. Match it with the Mino Natural Bed for a minimalist feel to this room, so the focus is on restfulness and your partner. The bed works well with the Mino Natural Wardrobe  in 100 per cent reclaimed teak  and the elegant Mino Natural Wideboy and two simple, but stylish Mino Natural Side Tables with drawers.

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