Wooden Bedroom Furniture – It’s Cold Outside, Make Your Bedroom Warm and Inviting!

Even though it is cold outside in January, it is easy to make a warm cosy bedroom with Puji’s wooden bedroom furniture, luxurious bedding and soft furnishings. The temperature may have plummeted, but you can snuggle up indoors with Puji’s range of contemporary wooden bedroom furniture in teak, oak and mahogany. Our soft furnishings include bed throws, cushions, rugs and wonderfully cosy bed linen as well as cushions in touchy-feely fabrics such as faux silks and velvets. Here we take a look at our wooden bedroom furniture below and show you how you can make your bedroom comfy and snug this winter.

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Wooden Bedroom Furniture Essentials
Although we need about the same amount of sleep at any time of the year, it is during the winter months that we spend more time indoors. It is therefore a good time to make your home and in particular your bedroom, a place you enjoy spending time.

To do this, in the bedroom, invest in matching bedroom furniture to make your bedroom comfortable and inviting. Puji has all the essential pieces that make up a bedroom set including beds, wardrobes,  chest of drawers, dressing tables and side tables in a variety of hard woods including one hundred per cent reclaimed teak. Our wooden bedroom furniture is beautiful and durable so you know it is money well spent.

Beds – The bed is the most important furniture piece in this part of the home and whether you prefer chunky wooden beds, oriental furniture, rustic beds, sleigh beds, platform beds or canopy beds, Puji will have something to inspire. We sell  a stunning range of wooden beds in reclaimed teak , oak, as well as white and black lacquered furniture which can be matched with other bedroom furniture in the same range. For instance the beautifully elegant Paris natural oak bed works perfectly with the superb tactile curved Paris Oak 7 Drawer Chest, the stunning Paris Natural Oak Wardrobe and the handy three drawer Paris Natural Oak Side Table.

Wardrobes– The wardrobe is the second most important purchase to make alongside the bed and Puji have a wide range of wardrobes including gents wardrobe (which are made up of half to three quarters hanging space and drawers) full-hanging wardrobes for dresses or coats and combination wardrobes with drawers and hanging space. Our wardrobes are superbly crafted from a variety of hardwoods, including reclaimed teak and mahogany and are designed to suit all types of décor.

Chest of Drawers – No bedroom can be without vital storage space for jumpers, T-shirts, tops, socks, shorts, trousers and underwear. Chests of drawers help make our bedrooms clutter free so we can keep everything off the floor and our rooms clear and tidy. Puji has chest of drawers to suit all bedroom sizes including the reclaimed teak Henry Natural 9 Boy Chest, the Shanxi Large Chest, The Harmoni Lowboy Chest for bigger bedrooms and the beautifully crafted Mino Natural Tallboy for the smallest of rooms.

Dressing Tables – Dressing tables are a girl’s essential as they are the place where we put our perfumes, jewellery, make up, hair brushes and hair clips. If you have lots of preening items, the Paris ark Oak Dressing Table is superbly designed for all your necessities and features a mirror and small and large drawers for every conceivable item. For a more simple look, the Henry Dark Dressing Table features two handy drawers and a dress mirror, so can look your best at all times!

Bed Side Tables – Bedside tables are handy to put lamps on, glasses, water or reading materials. Puji has a selection of high quality bedside tables made from solid hardwoods, including reclaimed teak. Our contemporary wooden bedroom furniture collection includes bedside tables with open shelving, drawers, a combination of open shelving and drawers and simple table top designs such as the Mino Natural Side Table made from reclaimed teak with a rustic, natural finish.

Soft Furnishings
When it is chilly and dark outside, you will want a bed you just can’t wait to snuggle up into. Introducing lots of soft furnishings to the bedroom adds warmth and comfort during the winter months.  Soft sensuous rugs that you can sink your feet into, cosy blankets, luxurious cotton bedding, thick curtains and beautiful cushions add colour and texture to a room and make it feel wonderfully inviting.  

Rugs – Puji have a full range of rugs in every type of colour including patterned rugs, plain rugs, circle rugs, hand-made rugs, traditional rugs and high pile rugs in bright or neutral colours such as beige or cream. If you want to brighten up your room, the floral rug red/white has a stunning modern design and will make any space feel cosy. The luxurious handmade wool Elements Beige Rug  is soft and inviting and would suit bedroom with a neutral décor.

Bed Throws – Bed throws are another great way to inject colour into the bedroom and it is a great way to add individuality to this space. Puji has a superb range of bed throws in vibrant blues, purples, reds and pinks, soft blues, sesame and cream, which work perfectly with our wooden bedroom furniture range. We also have throws in espresso and natural for a more neutral look to this space. Our organic Sateen bed throw in espresso and natural have a 250 thread count and have been hand embroidered with an original design from illustrator Jhinuk Sarkar. Hang artwork with inspiring designs on the walls to bring the whole look together.

Cushions – When the weather takes a turn for the worse and it is icy and snowy, you will just love to slip into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. Puji has a selection cushions in sumptuous fabrics to match our bed throws. Our cushions include plain and patterned cushions, stripy cushions, ruffled cushions and cushions in velvet or faux silk. These add colour and texture to a bedroom such as the pintuck cushion in linden green which has opulent panels of ruched faux silk and looks great with the cream or sesame squares throw.

How to Buy
Buying through Puji is easy. Just add the quantity of items you want to purchase and press add to basket, to take your selection through to your shopping basket. You can then continue shopping or proceed to the checkout by clicking on the relevant buttons. Items  that are not in stock can be purchased with a  50 per cent deposit. The remainder taken once the goods are ready for dispatch

As well as the range you see here on our website or at our showroom, Puji also offers a bespoke furniture design service and any of our bedroom pieces can be made-to-measure. Just call to talk through what your requirements are and Puji will give a free estimate.

Wooden Bedroom Furniture –  – click here to browse our full range

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