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Wooden kitchen chairs have been used for centuries and never go out of date because they work well in all types of homes. Puji sell a wide range of wooden kitchen chairs including light and dark wooden -teak chairs, slatted back kitchen chairs, carved wood chairs and chairs with a leather padded seat. Puji also sell a wide range of solid wood kitchen tables, side boards, display cabinets and console tables to beautifully furnish your kitchen diner. Solid wood chairs have always been a kitchen favourite. Here we look at what makes wooden kitchen chairs so appealing and why they are such a good option for all types of interiors.

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Ten Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Chairs

1. Range of Finishes

With so many different styles of chair on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. Ideally choose solid wood chairs to match your kitchen cabinets to create a coordinated finish.

 A light wood kitchen table and chairs, for instance, work best with light wood cabinets and dark wood kitchen chairs are the perfect partner to a dark wood kitchen diner. Teak wood chairs are extremely versatile as they can be stained to the colour of your choice. Whether you require a mid to dark colour or a rustic, natural look, teak chairs will fit with any style of kitchen.


2. Tough and Durable

One of the great benefits of wooden kitchen chairs is that they are so robust. Kitchen chairs are used daily for family meals and for socialising around the kitchen table. They are even used to stand on to get to the top of kitchen cabinets! So choosing chairs that will withstand regular use is a must. Solid wood is very stable and so is ideal for use in even the busiest of family kitchens, where the furniture subjected to daily wear and tear.

3. Wide Choice of Wood

From oak, to mahogany and teak, when it comes to selecting wooden kitchen chairs there are so many different types of timber to choose from. They all have different appearances and properties, although teak is one of the best options for the kitchen because it is so hard wearing and is highly resistant to moisture, acid and alkali.

4. Value for Money

High quality wood chairs offer good value for money as they are built to last a lifetime. It is always better to select the best you can afford, so that they keep looking good, and you get years of enjoyment out of them. They can even be passed on to future generations to use and admire! Wooden kitchen chairs will also give you good value for money, compared to other pieces of furniture, as they are in constant use. They are also often seen by house guests.  Whilst chatting in the kitchen over pre-dinner drinks, or enjoying an informal supper in your kitchen diner, your wooden chairs are sure to receive the odd compliment!

5. Timeless

A great benefit of wooden kitchen chairs are that they are timeless. Wooden furniture has been used in the kitchen for generations and is still popular today. Whereas other materials used in furniture, such as plastic and metal, go in and out of fashion wood has always been a popular choice.

6. Eco-Friendly

As wood is a natural material, it is environmentally friendly. It is a renewable material and is constantly growing. Unlike many other materials, it can be either disposed of or recycled without harming the environment. Much of Puji’s teak furniture is reclaimed. This aged teak has been recovered from old Colonial buildings making it a highly ethical furniture purchase. The old wood is also extremely beautiful and no two pieces are the same.

7. Easy-to-Maintain

Wood is very easy to maintain makes wooden kitchen chairs a very practical choice, particularly for homes with young children. Kid’s paints, sticky finger marks and food spills can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, leaving your wooden kitchen furniture looking as good as new!

Puji’s solid wood kitchen chairs need very little maintenance apart from occasional dry dusting. Once a month apply a good quality beeswax or oil (depending on your finish). This will safeguard against shrinkage and nourish the wood. Steer clear of spray based cleaning products and abrasive products to avoid any damage to the surface of the wood.

Cane and rattan furniture is easily cleaned by adding a small amount of detergent to a bowl of warm water. Dip a soft bristled brush into the solution before carefully working it over the furniture then dry with a soft cloth. Once a month, mist your furniture with a water bottle spray which to keep the fibres hydrated.

Leather furniture just needs an occasional wipe with a slightly damp cloth.  With the correct care you can extend the life of your wooden kitchen chairs, so they will always be admired.

8. Stylish

Solid wood has a certain beauty and elegance that suits both traditional and contemporary interiors.  The choice is vast from solid wood chairs, wooden chairs with a leather seat pad and woven chairs made from natural fibres stretched around a wooden frame.  Whatever style of chair you are looking for, a wooden kitchen chair will always make a stylish addition to your home.

9. Warm and Inviting

Solid wood furniture has a cosy and welcoming feel. Wooden furniture looks beautiful and is radiates character and warmth. Whatever your choice of wooden kitchen chairs, they will give your kitchen a wonderful homely feel and will always maintain their appeal.

10. Suits all Budgets

From simple contemporary styles to more elaborate carved wooden chairs or even antique wood chairs, you can always find wooden kitchen chairs to suit your pocket. You can even mix and match your chairs for a relaxed, contemporary style. Puji’s woven banana chairs, for example, can be teamed with solid teak chairs or wooden benches for an eclectic look. Always choose the highest quality of chair within your budget.

About Puji Wooden Chairs

Puji sell a wide range of wooden chairs for the kitchen including woven chairs, solid teak chairs and leather kitchen chairs.

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Our range of woven kitchen chairs includes: the Banana Chair – Dark Leg and Banana Chair – Light Leg

Puji’s Barteak and woven banana kitchen chairs add a rustic beauty this space. The natural fibres of the woven banana leaves give a little as you sit down, so they provide comfortable family seating. They are made by weaving banana fibres onto a solid teak frame give your kitchen an exotic and contemporary look.

The Barteak Chairs make a real style statement in the kitchen. Choose these in light or dark wood to match your kitchen decor. Ac complete set of Barteak chairs provides a more formal look to your kitchen, or mix and match them with the banana chairs. The banana chairs look striking but casual and are a popular option for a kitchen/diner.

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Another comfortable option for your kitchen diner are our leather kitchen chairs. Puji sell a range of solid wood chairs with upholstered leather seat pad which work well in any home including the Slat Light or Dark Teak Chair and the Elipse Chair Light Teak  and the Elipse Chair Dark Teak. The Elipse chair has a gentle curve to fit in the small of your back for more comfy dining experience.

The Pasha Chair provides a stunning contemporary look to your kitchen diner and the solid wood panel running down the back of the chair adds impact. It can be matched with our Kotak and Roco Dining Tables. If you enjoy the snug and cosy feel of leather in your kitchen, our Button Back Leather Chair is constructed with a solid wood frame with full Aniline leather.

Not quite as comfortable, but stunningly beautiful are our solid teak dining chairs. Here are a few examples we think work well in the kitchen.

For a solid wood design, Puji’s Raw Dining Chair and Raw Slatted Chair, are a simple and stylish contemporary chair with wooden slats running across the back. Match these with any of Puji’s natural light teak dining tables.

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