Wooden Kitchen Furniture – Give This Important Family Room a Makeover This Spring

Wooden kitchen furniture is a classic choice for this room and can suit all styles of properties from urban apartments to country style homes. Puji sell a beautiful range of wooden kitchen furniture in exotic hardwoods such as teak and mahogany.  Our selection of kitchen tables include round, square, extendable and rectangular tables in modern and contemporary designs. We also sell a host of different styles of chairs to go with our wooden kitchen furniture table range including woven, leather upholstered, wooden chairs and benches.

Spring is an ideal time to let go of the clutter and inject fresh energy into your home by giving your kitchen a makeover. Here are our top tips for sprucing up your home with wooden kitchen furniture this spring.

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How to Give Your Home a New Look with Wooden Kitchen Furniture

Why Give Your Kitchen a Makeover?

There are many reasons why people choose to give their kitchen a makeover. It may be that you are moving to a new home and are downsizing, upsizing, or perhaps you are staying put and want to replace tired old furniture.  You might have installed new kitchen worktops and cabinets and want wooden kitchen furniture to match. Another reason to replace your current furniture range is to accommodate a large, growing family, or perhaps you are a couple who have just started out in a new home and want to choose furniture for a small kitchen.

Whatever your reasons for replacing your furniture, spring is traditionally the time of new beginnings, so it is the ideal time to make a start on your home.

If you are downsizing, or want teak furniture to fit a small kitchen, Puji have a range of different designs and styles to suit. If you would like a stylish contemporary furniture piece, the Kotak Natural Round Dining Table or the reclaimed teak Kotak Natural Square Dining Table are both perfect for this space and can be matched with the Banana Natural Leg Chair for added impact. If you have a large family kitchen diner, you have an even greater choice of teak furniture including the Henry Dark Dining Table or another one of our best sellers, the luxurious Henry Natural Dining Table.

One of the great benefits of teak wooden kitchen furniture is that if you are updating your kitchen cabinets, teak chairs and tables can be stained to a colour to match your new range so whether it is a traditional, contemporary or rustic look you are after, teak furniture allows you to enjoy a beautifully co-ordinated kitchen.

What is the Best Wood for a Family Kitchen?

If you are updating your kitchen this spring there are a wide range of different timbers to choose from. However, teak is the best choice for a family kitchen because it is so elegant and luxurious and is one of the hardest woods there is – so it is perfect for a home with energetic children! As it is so durable it can tolerate knocks that come with constant daily use, so your teak wooden furniture piece will look stylish and beautiful for many years to come. It is also a great material for a family room as it can be easily cleaned and maintained – all it needs is a wipe with a damp cloth.

Puji specialise in teak furniture and sell a wide range of modern and contemporary tables and chairs to suit all styles of home. We specialise in high quality Indonesian reclaimed teak furniture crafted by highly skilled furniture makers and artisans. They produce a superb selection of stunning handmade pieces crafted with great attention to detail from our Puji workshop in Java. As reclaimed teak has subtle colour variations and interesting character marks in the timber, each wooden furniture piece is truly unique.

Which is the Best Table to Choose for a Family Kitchen?

The table you choose for your kitchen depends on the style of decor and the size. Puji have a gorgeous range of teak furniture in modern and contemporary styles in a wide selection of colours and designs. Our wooden kitchen furniture includes square tables, extendable, rectangular and round. Rectangular tables are more traditional and will suit bigger family kitchens because they take up more space. An example of this is the Roco Dining Table which can be matched with either the Banana Natural Leg Chair or the Indah Natural Pasha Chair which has a leather seat pad for extra comfort. Square and round tables are better for more intimate dining experiences. However, the best of both worlds is to have an extendable dining table as you can pull out the hidden leaves when there are extra guests and tidy them away when your guests have gone. Our Mino Natural Extending Table or the Mino Natural Square Extending Table both have simple and attractive minimalist designs.

Which Chairs are Best for A Family Kitchen?

Your choice of chairs all comes down to personal taste but solid wood will always be the best option as, like the table, it is going to last the passage of time. For a relaxed family kitchen choose banana woven chairs, such as the Banana Natural Leg Chair or the Banana Dark Leg Chair but if you want a more formal look, choose the leather upholstered chairs such as the Mino Dark 7-Slat Chair which suits more traditional dark wood kitchens or the Indah Natural Elipse Chair for lighter style contemporary kitchens.

Leather chairs offer comfortable seating but are less practical in family kitchens than solid wood chairs. Puji solid wood teak chairs come in a range of styles and designs including slatted back, wooden carved motifs, solid wood backs and wooden chairs with an elegant curve for added support. Our chairs can be mixed and matched with solid wood benches such as the Henry Natural Bench, the Henry Dark Bench or the Mino Natural Bench. Benches have the added benefit of being able to accommodate extra guests at the dinner table, which is easy to do as the children just shuffle up to provide extra seating.

Sometimes just replacing the chairs can be a good way to give your family kitchen a makeover, and is a cheaper option. But if you decide to do this just make sure that you buy chairs with a sufficient gap between the chair and the top of the table so diners are not too far, or too near the table. The ideal space to leave between the top of the chair and the bottom of the table is a gap of at least six or seven inches.

How Should I Dress My Kitchen Table?

You don’t have to go overboard with the decorations for a family style kitchen table. Just a few placemats, coasters and a table runner will do and will also serve to protect the wood. Puji sell a beautiful range of accessories for kitchen tables including the superb Coco Stick Table Runner and the Placemat Box Set Coco Stick. If possible dress your table with a stunning centre piece such as a vase of flowers, candles or a beautiful fruit bowl. The Swirls Glass Vase looks just as eye-catching with or without flowers and will look superb in the kitchen. The Bamboo Candle Set makes an attention grabbing table decoration or, for a striking but rustic look to your kitchen, go for a teak fruit bowl such as Puji’s unique handmade Teak Long Boat.

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