Wooden Shoe Racks

Wooden shoe racks are an attractive way to store shoes. Shoes are sometimes a hazard as they are often found strewn about the hallway just waiting for someone to trip over them. Wooden shoe racks, however, provide the ideal storage solution. Puji has a superb collection of wooden shoe racks made from teak and mahogany. Choose from our beautiful textured two toned designs or stunning carved shoe racks which will make a lasting impression on visitors and family.

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What are shoe racks and what are they used for?

A shoe rack can be defined as a storage item specifically designed to hold shoes. They are a functional piece designed to keep shoes tidy and off the floor so you can find them quickly and easily. Puji’s beautifully crafted free-standing wooden shoe racks make stunning furniture pieces. Made from teak and mahogany, they are not only practical but are beautiful too and will always be admired. Shoes are stored neatly away in the pull-down drawers, so they are completely hidden from view. Puji wooden shoe racks make fantastic organisers and our outstanding designs will greatly enhance your interior.

Where are they typically positioned in the home?

Shoe racks come in a variety of designs. Some are free-standing and are ideal for the hallway or cloakroom. Others are designed to sit at the bottom of the closet or to hang behind the door in the bedroom. Puji’s wooden shoe racks are typically positioned in the hallway or in an alcove under the stairs. Our Borneo Shoe Rack features a striking carved design that works well with any interior. It also has two drawers which are handy for storing door or car keys, loose change, receipts or sunglasses in. The surface is great for placing handbags or a decorative item on top.

What sort of shoes can they accommodate?

Puji shoe racks can accommodate high heel shoes, flats, trainers, as well as men’s slip on shoes or lace ups. They are not suitable for boots.

What is the history of shoe racks?

Evidence unearthed from Archological sites show some sort of protective covering was used on the feet around 40,000 years ago during the middle Paleolithic period. Early footwear was used to protect feet from jazzed rocks and rough ground or tough forest floors. Shoes were made from wrapping leaves around the foot, and later from animal skin. Egyptians, Chinese and other early civilisations have all recorded references to shoes and although it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when shoe racks were first used, some form of shoe storage has been used for centuries throughout the world. For example, shoe racks can be found outside mosques as shoes must be removed before entering, for cleanliness and to show respect. In the US, Shoe racks were manufactured in a town called Whitman, Massachusetts, as far back as the 1700’s. Did you know in London during the Diwali which is also called Festival of Light and forms part of the Hindu New Year Celebrations, at any one time the shoe racks can cater for 6,500 pairs of shoes? The oldest known leather shoe is about 5,500 years old and predates the Egyptian pyramids. Found in a cave in Armenia, it is made from cowhide and tanned with oil from either a plant or vegetable.

Puji shoe racks as a home storage solution

An unlimited number of shoe rack designs are on the market today, so take your time to decide which one is right for you. Before you make your selection, consider where you want your shoe rack; in the hallway or bedroom? You may want a free-standing solid wood shoe storage unit in a hallway, a metal or wooden rack at the bottom of a closet or hanging from the rail, an under bed shoe storage or an over the door shoe organiser for the bedroom. Puji’s wooden free-standing shoe racks look stylish in any home and make a great focal point. These highly durable furniture pieces have been hand-crafted from teak or mahogany and are built to stand the test of time. They are an attractive option as shoes are neatly tidied away in a stunning furniture piece.

The Jaya Shoe Rack has a beautiful two tone design with attractive textured fronts and suits any style of interior. Hand crafted from mahogany and teak, this distinctive contemporary shoe rack has three sturdy drawers to keep your shoes out of sight. This beautifully designed shoe rack is robust and stylish and will keep your entrance hall tidy and clear of shoes. The Jaya shoe rack works well with other products in the Jaya range. The Jaya Console has four drawers and two open display units where you can place a lamp or two to light up the area and make your entrance hall as welcoming as possible. If you have the space, the Jaya Bench will look wonderful in an entrance hall. It has storage under which can be useful for all those extra shoes and a handy centre drawer for a shoe horn and shoe cleaning products. The Jaya mirror will brighten up the entrance hall and is perfect for checking your appearance on the way out, or just before guest arrive!

Handcrafted, the beautiful Borneo Shoe Rack makes a striking addition to any entrance hall. It is a work of art in its own right and features a stunning carved design which blends well with any interior. Created from a mixture of mahogany and teak, it has two pull-down drawers for shoes and two further drawers which are perfect for storing keys, sunglasses or loose change in. Use the surface to place a handbag on or a pretty vase such as Hatch Floor Vase which has been beautifully crafted from bamboo laid in resin. The Borneo Shoe Rack is a great addition to any entrance hall and contrasts beautifully with wooden flooring or carpet. Complete the look with Puji’s beautiful handmade Kayu mirror which makes a wonderful statement. Visitors are sure to complement you on your taste and style!

Created from a mixture of mahogany and teak, the hand crafted Olympia Shoe Rack features stunning textured fronts. It has three drawers which are perfect for keeping shoes off the floor and neatly out of sight. This striking shoe rack is part of the Olympia range and will look wonderful in any hallway. Team this beautiful contemporary style shoe rack with the Olympia seat. This upholstered seat looks fantastic in a spacious hallway and is perfect to sit on to remove shoes before storing them in the shoe rack! The distinctively designed shoe rack also works well with the Olympia Buffet in the hallway, where you can place next to a beautiful vase such as the stunning Ribbed Floor Vase in white. A feature mirror will always attract the light and will brighten a dark hallway.

Complete the look with Puji’s superb textured Cocostick Mirror which has been made from cocostick and woven with cotton.

Wooden Shoe Racks – click here to buy online!

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