Wooden Wardrobes

Wooden wardrobes are not only beautiful, but durable too. Solid wood wardrobes have such an appeal as they are not only stylish and elegant, but they are built to last a lifetime. Puji sell a fantastic range of wooden wardrobes made from solid woods such as teak, oak and mahogany. Also popular are our beautiful Chinese wardrobes in a striking black or white lacquered ash finish.

Our wardrobes range from full hanging to combination and gent’s wardrobes. We also offer free standing or made-to-measure wardrobes. Our superb selection of styles includes Oriental wardrobes, light and dark wood wardrobes, slatted designs and wardrobes with elegant curved fronts. Puji also sell lockers with adjustable shelving or a combination of shelving and drawers to maximise bedroom space.

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Why choose a wooden wardrobe?

Wooden wardrobes have an elegance and timeless appeal. They are so hard wearing and practical and blend well with any bedroom style. There is a certain beauty about a solid wood wardrobe which adds a warmth and cosiness to an interior. A bedroom decorated with wooden furniture is homely and comforting, which provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing night’s sleep.

One of the many wonderful things about wooden furniture is that there are so many types of wood and finishes to choose from. Teak for example, is sturdy and durable and has an attractive grain. A teak wardrobe can be stained to a colour of your choice, from light to mid and dark tones, or left natural for a more rustic look. Solid wood bedroom furniture can be dressed up or down, depending on your choice of accessories.

Mahogany is also a striking exotic hardwood with a similar texture to teak. Like teak it does not shrink and expand when exposed to moisture. Oak is a very robust wood, which is also a popular choice for a solid wood wardrobe. Like teak and mahogany, it can produce wonderful furniture pieces to be enjoyed for a lifetime, before handing down to the next generation to treasure and admire.

Wood is a relaxing material that is non-reflective, which makes it a very calming choice for the bedroom and will help promote a full-night’s rest. A bedroom surrounded by beautiful wooden furniture will enrich your surroundings and create a tranquil environment to relax and unwind in.

Solid wood wardrobes look wonderful when matched with a wooden bed, which again helps to create that all important feeling of harmony. Match dark wood wardrobes with dark wood furniture and light wood wardrobes with light bedroom furniture to create balance. Solid wood bedroom furniture evokes a feeling of security which provides the perfect backdrop for this peaceful room.

Teak wardrobes

Teak is an attractive exotic hardwood which is extremely hard wearing. It has a natural yellowish brown colour and a coarse textured, straight grain.

A teak wardrobe is perfect for the bedroom as it is so solid and durable. It can be either stained to a light to mid or dark colour or left natural to match the other furniture in the room, such as a beautiful teak bed. Teak is a perfect material for bedroom furniture as it is so strong and easy to maintain. As teak is one of the toughest woods there is, a teak wardrobe is a great investment which will last a lifetime and beyond.

Oak wardrobes

Oak is a very robust timber which produces high quality furniture which is built to last. It is a close grained hardwood which is beautiful to look at.

An oak wardrobe has a timeless quality and is strong and sturdy. It has classic looks which is ideal for bedroom furniture because it will enrich your surroundings and provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and tranquil environment. An oak wardrobe is hard wearing and can withstand knocks that come with daily use. It looks superb teamed with matching oak bedroom furniture.

Mahogany wardrobes

Mahogany has a golden to deep red brown colour and is very robust and easy to maintain. It is a very beautiful wood, with a similar texture and properties to teak. It has a reddish sheen when polished.

A mahogany wardrobe is timeless, hard-wearing and practical. As it is such an attractive wood, matched with other mahogany bedroom furniture creates a wonderful, elegant look. Its natural beauty means a mahogany wardrobe can be passed down to the next generation.

Lacquered wardrobes

Chinese-style lacquered furniture has an elegant sleek and shiny finish. It has a very strong surface which is resistant to water and acid. Lacquered furniture has a timeless beauty and is a work of art in its own right.

Made from solid hardwoods and lacquered seven times, Puji’s black lacquered wardrobes are robust and stylish. Dark wood wardrobes are chic and sophisticated and a black lacquered wardrobe makes a great focal point. Match it with a black lacquered bed for a harmonious look to the room. White lacquered furniture gives interiors a crisp, fresh, clean feel. A bedroom decorated with white lacquered furniture creates a wonderful tranquil environment.

Caring for your wooden wardrobe

Puji’s wooden wardrobes will last a lifetime and beyond if cared for properly.

As timber is a natural product, it is advisable to keep your solid wood wardrobe away from direct sources of heat (ie do not place it against a radiator) to prevent shrinkage or possible cracking. Fluctuations in temperature or humidity may cause the wood to shrink or expand very slightly.

Dry dust your furniture regularly and once a month it is recommended you apply good quality beeswax or oil to nourish your wardrobe and safeguard it against movement. Rub the beeswax or oil in and buff to a shine. Try to avoid using spray based cleaning products and abrasive products. If you are in any doubt about the cleaning product you are using on your furniture, contact the store. Hot or wet products, wet towels for instance, placed directly on surfaces such as shelving may cause damage.

Take great care when using solvents such as nail polish remover, perfume or cologne or other toxic chemicals around your wooden furniture. Nail polish remover in particular will easily remove finish.

It is important to take care of your furniture to ensure it will last for years to come. Cared for properly, your wooden wardrobe will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

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