Woven Dining Room Chairs

Woven dining chairs add a stunning visual impact to your eating area. They are stylish, comfortable and introduce an exotic feel to your home. Puji’s beautiful range of hand woven dining room chairs have been created by weaving natural fibres onto a solid teak frame. Our woven dining room furniture selection includes chairs wrapped with various natural materials such as banana leaves or rattan plant fibres.

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How woven dining chairs are made

Banana chairs are attractive, stylish and comfortable. They are made using banana leaves from the banana tree. These leaves are cut, stretched, twisted, then boiled and left to dry. After they have dried, the leaves are hand woven around a teak frame. Once this step has been completed, the banana leaves are fumigated and sprayed using a semi satin lacquer for life-long preservation and to ensure the chairs can be easily cleaned.

Rattan woven chairs (such as Puji’s Croco Woven Chairs) have been made in much the same way using natural rattan plant fibres. These are hand woven by local Javanese craftsmen onto a solid mahogany frame, after the natural fibres have been washed, boiled, lacquered and fumigated for life-long preservation. The Croco reed is more brittle and thinner than banana leaves though, so it has a different texture and feel. Also the beauty of Croco reed chairs is that all of the individual reeds are slightly different colours, which ensures that each chair is unique in its own right.

What type of home do woven chairs look good in?

Increasingly popular, woven dining chairs look striking in modern or contemporary interiors. They also add beauty and style to country homes, such as barn conversions and traditional cottages, and add a wonderful rustic look to dining rooms, kitchen diners, breakfast rooms and conservatories. These exotic looking chairs introduce a wow factor to your dining space and will become a talking point among guests who will compliment you on your style. Puji’s Crocco Woven chair also makes an excellent ‘dress chair’ in the hallway and bedroom.

Why choose woven dining chairs?

Woven dining chairs add impact to your dining space. They have a wonderful rustic, yet contemporary appearance, which gives a distinctive look to your eating area. Woven dining chairs offer a great alternative to solid wood chairs as they have a chic and exotic look which creates a lasting impression on dinner guests. The colours of the natural fibres differ so each chair has an individual appearance, which makes a wonderful style statement.

Dining chairs should be comfortable as well as stylish as dinner parties often involve remaining seated for a fairly lengthy period of time, especially during prolonged after dinner conversations. Unlike solid wood chairs, chairs made from natural fibres are slightly flexible, so they allow for some movement as you sit down. As the seat and back are wrapped in natural fibres, they can be more relaxing to sit in than wooden chairs so it is easier to remain seated for longer period of time. They are durable and sturdy and as the natural fibre chairs have been ‘sealed’ to make them waterproof, the chairs can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

What styles of table do woven dining chairs look good with?

Match woven dining chairs with a solid teak table for a stylish and distinctive look. Woven chairs contrast beautifully with contemporary style solid wood tables with simple designs and clean sleek lines. Choose chairs with light or dark legs to match with the colour of your teak dining table. For a more dramatic look to your dining room, woven dining chairs can be mixed and matched with solid teak dining chairs.

Puji woven dining chairs

Puji sell a wonderful selection of hand woven dining chairs that accompany our superb collection of dining room tables. Our woven chair range includes:

Banana Chair – is part of our contemporary woven furniture range and is hand made by weaving banana fibres onto a solid teak frame. This is a popular choice of chair which complements all of our dining tables including the Henry Dining Table, The Klasik Dining Table and the Klasik Square Dining Table. The legs of this chair are available in light or dark teak.

Croco Woven Chair – is a classic chair made from natural rattan plant fibres hand woven by local Javanese craftsmen onto a solid mahogany frame. These elegant high backed chairs are designed for the dining room, but go equally well in conservatory style areas. Match it with the Klasik Dining Tables or the Henry Dining Table. It can also be used as a ‘dress’ chair in an entrance hall and bedroom.

Woven Mosquito Chair – is a popular choice of chair in our contemporary woven furniture range. These Mosquito chairs are handmade by weaving banana fibres onto a solid teak frame and complement all of our dining tables including the Henry Dining Table – Natural, the Inda Round Table and the Raw Dining Table.

Barteak Chair – part of our contemporary woven furniture range, this chair combines a unique fusion of materials between the rustic texture of natural banana leaves with the smooth, solid lines of the teak. It can be matched with the Henry Dining Table and the Klasik Dining Tables. This chair is available with natural teak or dark teak chair legs.

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