Zen Bedroom Furniture

Zen Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood BedsZen means meditation in Japanese and as the bedroom is a place of relaxation and retreat; it is the ideal starting point to create a space of peace and harmony in your home.

Characteristics of Zen furniture include classic simplicity, sleek lines, open spaces, earthy colours and natural materials with a gentle texture. In the Zen home less is more. To create the Zen aesthetic of harmony, minimalism is the key so keep your home free from knick-knacks and general clutter. A Zen space should be calm and balanced and it is easier to create a place of relaxation without distractions and unnecessary items.

Zen furniture can be very varied and include platform beds, black lacquered beds and canopy beds. All of these will generally have matching wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables to make your journey to create the perfect Zen style bedroom as easy as possible.

Creating a Zen Bedroom

When creating a Zen style bedroom, the most important piece to consider is the bed as it forms the centrepiece of your room.  We spend eight hours a night sleeping, the bed is the one piece of furniture it is essential to get right. We need a comfortable and supportive bed frame to help us have a complete night’s rest so we wake up relaxed and refreshed for the busy day ahead. Above all, whatever the style of frame you choose for your home, it should be an excellent quality product that lasts. You need to be sure the bed frame is solid, durable and can support you and your mattress.

Platform beds work well in a Zen style bedroom as their simple, low design creates a feeling of space and appears to make the room larger. Dark wood canopy beds are another good choice, particularly when contrasted with a neutral colour scheme.  Influenced by traditional Chinese furniture, black lacquered beds are a superb addition to a Zen bedroom. Timeless, chic and elegant, they are made from solid hardwoods, which are lacquered several times to produce a sleek and polished Eastern touch.

Complete the look

Zen Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood Beds

To complete the oriental look, you will need to ensure other bedroom furniture and accessories are in harmony with your chosen bed to create balance, peace and tranquillity, essential for that perfect Zen setting.

  • Buy complementary wardrobes, bedside tables and dressing tables in the same wood and tone as your bed, as this will create the most elegant finish. Too many styles of furniture create disharmony so are not advised in a Zen bedroom.
  • Think carefully about your storage requirements when designing your Zen bedroom so that every item in the room has a proper home. This will help keep the room tidy and clutter free. Choose storage made from natural materials such as rattan to enhance the calm, peaceful atmosphere in the room.
  • Another way to help create that perfect Zen retreat is in your chosen colour scheme. To make a space of peace and tranquillity the décor should be in earthy colours. Against the darkness of dark wood furniture, the colour scheme on the floors and walls should be neutral, to reflect the colours of nature.
  • The colours that could work well to create a calm and balanced room would include warm and neutral colours such as browns, tan, grey and sage green, which will blend well with the colours outdoors.
  • Space, lighting and décor should be in harmony with nature and the world around you. Let sunlight stream in through the windows and opt for soft and tranquil lighting that is soothing and calming. With its dark wood tones against a natural colour scheme, your bed will remain a beautiful centrepiece.

The Benefits of Zen Interior Design

Zen interior decorating is clutter free and uses harmony, simplicity and balance to create a soothing and tranquil environment in which to relax. A Zen bedroom makes the ideal retreat as it generates a place of calm to help give your mind, body and soul just the type of rest it needs.  Zen interior decorating adds a touch of the exotic to your home and will turn each room into a wonderful place to unwind.

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