Zen Dining: Creating a Relaxed Eating Area


There are numerous ways to create a relaxing eating area, including using Zen dining room furniture and adding detailed finishing touches to complete the room. To help you create this stylish and relaxed eating area, we have put together some design ideas which will transform your dining room.

Chinese Lacquer Furniture – White Lacquered Furnishings Furniture – Puji’s Shanxi range is the perfect choice if you are looking for Zen dining room furniture. The Shanxi range is available in white and black, and there is a full dining range available for you to complete your dining area. This range has been lacquered seven times, which means it is a very durable product. To finish off the elegant look, the Shanxi range also has hinged rectangular brass handles.

Trendy Furniture for the Dining Room, Living Room and HallwayLighting – This is one of the most important aspects to help set the mood, and you will want to find lamps that give you an ambient glow. Puji’s Oriental Peony Jar Lamp is a traditional Eastern lamp, with a shape which has been elegantly made to give a lovely soft glow in the room.


Tableware – Puji has a lovely selection of unique hand-made tableware which would be suitable for the oriental theme. You can choose from handmade cocostick placemats, table runners and a lovely Fair-Trade bamboo range which has been hand lacquered in a variety of colours.

Trendy Dining Furniture – Summer Tableware – Eating Al  FrescoFinishing touches – Little things matter, and, when it comes to oriental style and Zen dining, finishing touches are important. Bamboo plants and money plants are said to bring a wonderful aura into the home, so they are ideal to add to your dining area. You could also place a oriental screen into the room – ideal if you have a lounge-diner, because it will be able to divide the room perfectly. Screens also work well if you need to spruce up a empty corner.

Follow the link to browse Puji’s Zen selection.

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