Zen Living – Creating the Perfect Space for Relaxation

Contemporary Vases - Zen Furniture – Modern Home Accessories Contemporary vases are now available in many styles and sizes; they can complete your look and add the finishing touches your home needs.  If you have taken some time off this summer and are not travelling abroad you may want to draw your attention towards redecorating your home.


Contemporary Vases - Zen Furniture – Modern Home Accessories Maybe you have fond memories from your childhood or have holidayed somewhere beautiful like the Far East and want your home to reflect this.  Zen furniture and modern accessories can have a very positive effect on your home and on how you relax and unwind.  Here at Puji we have worked hard to create a collection of contemporary vases, stunning detailed Buddha’s, candles and mirrors to inspire you.

The Zen interior has proved very popular and desired in many UK homes.  The Orient supports Feng Shui and promotes spaces that help the mind, body and soul to relax. Whether you meditate, go to yoga, or simply just like a home that is calming, a Zen interior is the perfect choice.  If you are just decorating one room or taking the challenge to decorate the entire house here are some ideas to get you started.

Buddhas – Every Zen home will need a Buddha to bring a sense of calm energy and balance into your life.  Introduce a Buddha into your entrance way, living room or in your home office where active energy needs to be balanced.

Candles –Perfect for Zen Living candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, they warm up the energy in your home and help release daily stress.

Contemporary Vases – Introduce vases that have been crafted from natural materials to dress your Zen home.  If possible try to add them in pairs not only does this look great but maintains balance.

Eastern inspired wall art –beautiful wall art and mirrors that reflect the Far East and Orient will complete the look you desire. Mirrors bring a sense of refreshment and calm. They are used in Zen interiors to expand a space, as well as to draw in the beneficial Chi or Feng Shui energy.

Browse our contemporary vases and accessories here to help complete your Zen interior

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